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Why You Should Go to Comic Con Africa.

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Jessie Clarke-Mcleod
May 24, 2018


Why You Should Go to Comic Con Africa.

2018 is the first time that Comic Con is coming to Africa.

That is enough of a reason to purchase tickets to this awesome event. Everything is happening at Comic Con, from cosplay to collectable card games. You don’t want to be sitting at home while your friends get to take selfies with Game of Thrones cast members. This September the Kyalami Convention Centre will transform into nerd heaven, and we can’t wait!

What to expect at the event?


I mean it wouldn’t be Comic Con without the cosplay. There will be a competition for the best dressed so don’t hesitate to go all out on your Chewy outfits. Every Avenger character is sure to make an appearance; you could reenact Infinity War! Alternatively, a cool drinking game idea is to take a shot everytime you see someone dressed as Deadpool. You’ll be drunk in half an hour.

Gaming Competitions:

This is going to be cool.VS Gaming announced it would run eSports competitions under its DGL brand at the event.The event will include VS GamingMasters and the VS Gaming Championships. You’ll get to watch the best gamers cross swords, or rather consoles, on a range of different video games.

Famous People:

We all love famous people. And now they are going to be on our continent. No longer will an ocean stand between yourself and Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa). Don’t miss out on the opportunity to stare at a famous person from behind police tape. Other famous people that you can stare at will include Troy Baker and Nolan North from Assassins Creed. The Big Bang Theory cast members will be there, and you can trade Pokemon cards with them.

But wait there’s more…

Companies who have signed up for the exhibition include Microsoft Xbox, ASUS, Megarom, HP, MSI’s notebook division, Girl Gamers, Aikidz, and Pops Toys. There will also be workshops and panel discussions.  

Event Details:

September 14-16, 2018.

FRIDAY – General admission 1 day (launch) – R120.00

SATURDAY – General admission 1 day (launch) – R120.00

SUNDAY – General admission 1 day (launch) – R120.00

General admission for the three days – R300.00

Once phase one has been sold out, phase two tickets will go on sale. The breakdown is as follows:

FRIDAY – General admission 1 day (launch) – R150.00

SATURDAY – General admission 1 day (launch) – R150.00

SUNDAY – General admission 1 day (launch) – R150.00

General admission for the three days – R350.00

Tickets exclude additional add-ons such as autograph or panel sessions, which will be made available once the talent and guest line-up is confirmed.

This event is going to be fun and jam packed with loads of activities and events. We know that after reading this article, there is no doubt in your mind about where you are going to be on the 14th of September. If you enjoyed our article feel free to share it with your friends!

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